BEHS Preschool



For this unit your child will be learning the different types of weather, and studying the seasons each weather type falls into. We will accomplish this task by doing in class activities, focused around the topic of weather. Below you can find what we will be doing in class, and also what you can do at home to further advance their learning.

In Class Activities

  • In class we will be reading the book, "The Little Cloud" by Eric Carle, we included a link to the the official website of Eric Carle. After we read the book as a class, we will go outside to look at the clouds, and the kids will be able to identify shapes within the clouds. If there are no clouds, we will use shaving cream for the kids to make their own clouds on their desks. Link Here
  • After learning about rain, we'll then go into what happens after the rain ends and the sun comes out, causing a rainbow. In order to further this learning we will do an activity, including finger painting the rainbow, which will teach the kids the colors of the rainbow.
  • In our last activity we will pull all the weathers together, by creating a large picture involving the four main types of weather we focused on. In this activity they will be counting, gluing, and reciting colors as they piece together their 3-D art. This activity will help wrap up all the weathers we learned about in class.

Acitivites You Can Do At Home

Here is a website we are providing, in order to help asist you continue the learning outside the classroom. There are fun activites as well as educational ones. we encourage you to explore the website with your child, and help them further their knowledge. Link Here