Class of 2026!

Issue 1

In this Issue:

- Principal's Message

- Future Freshmen Night

- Meet Administration

- Meet Guidance

- Course Registration

- What to Expect Freshman Year

- Facts about Nashoba

- What Will My Schedule Look Like Next Year?

- Meet Mr. E!

- Graduation Requirements

- Lockers

- Clubs and Activities

- Nashoba Fun Fact

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students in Nashoba Regional High School’s Class of 2026,

Hello! I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the principal of NRHS and personally invite and welcome you to our Future Freshmen Night on February 28th where you will have the opportunity to learn about all the exciting academic and extra-curricular offerings NRHS has for students. While I have only been principal at NRHS for a short time, I have quickly learned just how special Nashoba is. It is a welcoming school community where students find a home and where they are supported in exploring their future pathways. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on February 28th at 6:30pm in the high school auditorium. Have a safe and wonderful February vacation.

Go Wolves!


Dr. Kate Boynton, Principal

Future Freshmen Night

Monday, Feb. 28th, 6:30-8pm

12 Green Road

Bolton, MA

The night will begin with a presentation in the auditorium where 8th grade students and their families will hear from each department about course offerings and what to expect their first year of high school. A tour of the high school will be offered following the presentation. We look forward to seeing you!

Please note that the Snow Date is scheduled for Tuesday, March 1st from 6:30PM-8:00PM.

Masks are required at this event.

Meet Administration!

The high school Administrators look forward to meeting you at the 8th Grade Parent Night and working with you this Fall. Meet our Administrative Team below!

At the high school, you will be assigned an Assistant Principal and a Dean of Students for all four years. The Administrator for the Class of 2026 is Ms. Boulay and the Dean of Students is Mr. Biggs. Ms. Boulay and Mr. Biggs are here to support you with any concerns you may have during your high school career.

Meet Guidance!

Meet our Guidance Department below!

We will be visiting each middle school at the end of March to help you sign up for your 9th grade classes. We will provide plenty of resources and instructions both prior and during our visit to help support you during the course registration process. Scroll down for more information on course registration.

When you arrive at the high school, you will be assigned a guidance counselor based on your last name. We will meet with you at least once a year as part of a formal check-in and we will also offer some group sessions to teach you about career exploration and planning for after high school.

Welcome class of 2026! We look forward to meeting you and working with you throughout your high school career!

What Can We Help With?

  • Academic Support
  • Scheduling
  • Planning for graduation
  • Liaison between families and school
  • Career Exploration
  • Post-Secondary and College Planning
  • Social/Emotional Support
  • And so much more!

Course Registration Information

8th Grade Course Registration Day is Thursday, March 24th. On this day, High School Guidance Counselors will be visiting each middle school in-person to help students sign up for their 9th grade classes. Students will receive instructions and resources prior to course registration day and the portal will remain open for students to make changes to their course requests up until Friday, April 1st.

Middle School Principals will be sending out more information in the upcoming weeks.

What to Expect Freshman Year

  • Challenge yourself in your courses and work hard to earn the grades that you are proud of!
  • Get involved: the more you put into your high school experience, the more you will get out of it!
  • Use available resources: Counselors, Mr. E, Assistant Principals, stay after school with your teachers for extra help. We are all here to help you!
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Feeling a little nervous about attending a new school? No worries!

Not only will you be with students you are familiar with from your own town, you will meet lots of students from two other towns who are looking to make friends just like you! The student population at Nashoba is projected to be 879 students from Lancaster, Bolton and Stow. That's a lot of new and friendly faces!

The schedule rotates so that you don't have the same class at the same time every day. Students feel this allows for a nice change of pace and the ability to have a different class during long block each day, especially for science labs. This also allows you to meet new students at lunch. Whatever class you have during lunch period will determine whether you have first, second, third, or fourth lunch. Students find that having a different lunch every day is a great opportunity to connect with other students from all grades.

What Will My Schedule Look Like Next Year?

Click on the file below to check out some sample freshmen schedules and a general sequence of courses you will take throughout high school!

Meet Mr. E!

As a special focus on transition for 9th graders, freshmen who have an open period in their schedule will be assigned to Mr. Emerson. Mr. Emerson provides a structured learning environment intended to help each student make a positive transition to the high school and form a bond with an adult mentor. Students will focus on study skills and time management strategies including organization, reading, active listening, note-taking, critical thinking, motivation, individual learning styles, and the writing process, just to name a few. Mr. E's room is located at the entrance of the cafeteria and is a place that freshmen can call home.

The first 10 or 15 minutes of each period will be put aside for teaching study skills. For the remainder of the period, students will use the time for a regular study and homework completion. The exception is long block which is the lunch period. During lunch block, teaching will take up most of the period, so students should plan accordingly. Mr. E looks forward to having you!

What are the high school graduation requirements?

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Will I get a locker my freshman year?

Yes! Freshmen lockers are located on the first floor all together. During the freshmen orientation and the first few days of school, you will have plenty of time to practice using your locker combination. There will be many students and faculty around to help you master the art of locking and unlocking your lock. Pretty soon, you will be a pro!
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Another way to meet other students is to join clubs, sports and activities at Nashoba!

We have so many different extracurricular activities available, there is certainly something for everyone! We have American Sign Language Club, Best Buddies, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Green Team, Interact Club (community service), Math Team, Ski & Snowboarding Club, Red Cross Club, Student Council and so much more!

We will also have a Freshmen Activities Fair in the fall where you will have the opportunity to meet club members, learn more about their club's mission, and sign up to receive information or join their club on the spot. Be on the lookout for lots of announcements in the fall for this fun activity which typically takes place outside in our courtyard area. See below!

Why Should I Join a Club or Sport in High School?

  • Because it is FUN!
  • Make friends!
  • Learn more about your interests or discover a new one!
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Stress-relief
  • Improved academic performance
  • Leadership opportunities

Nashoba Fun Fact!

Nashoba Wolves Basketball played at the TD Garden! See photos below from this year's games.
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