Lizzie's Library

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Why a library?

One of the questions I'm frequently asked is why I started a library, and today I'd like to finally answer. Ever since I was young I've loved reading, before I could read I would even shove books into my parents hands, begging they tell me a bedtime story. I know that might not sound all that miraculous, since many people had there parents read to them as kids, but maybe my story is just a little different. As a young child I had a strong imagination. I could see things that I'd simply fabricated from my mind not a second ago, and in the next there would be a story behind it's existence. This imagination made stories seem that much more real, and I wanted to share that unbelievably real world with others. What better way to do that then to give everyone the right tools they'll need to do so?
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Anytime Anywhere Anyway

At Lizzie's Library, we like convenience, that's why we're open all day everyday. And if that just isn't enough for you, than why not visit us online? There you can order anything we have in stock in stores and have it shipped right to your door!

Short Story Contest

To enter you simply have to got to any of our libraries on and inform the front desk you're participating. On March third we will collect all the participants short stories, and by April first we'll announce the winners. The only thing we ask is that contestants keep the story from 1,000 to 7,500 words. The third place prize is twenty five dollars, second place is fifty dollars, and first place is a hundred dollar cash prize, and their book will be published. Thank you for participating and we wish you luck!

Short Film Contest

To participate in this contest you must tell the front desk by June seventeenth. By July sixth we'll have announced the winners. There will be no age restrictions for this contest, and you can choose which ever genre you like. The only restriction is that the film must be half an hour to an hour and a half. Third place prize is fifty dollars, second place is a hundred dollars, and first place is a hundred and fifty dollars cash.

This isn't your ordinary library!

Our library may appear like any other. Mainly books, a few movies in the back. But I'll tell you now, that's not the case! Our library consists of books, books in braille, audios, music, movies, games, consoles, and, of course, console accessories. Would you believe me if I said that's not all? Well, it's not. On our second floor we have a cafe that, just like the library, is open 24/7.