All About Me!

Tianna Janelle "Kohaku" Francis

A bit of an intro...

Hello, Bonjour, Konnichiwa, and Nin Hao! My name is Tianna Janelle Francis and I am SO excited to be a freshman this year at Sewanee!

So here's just a bit about me~

I'm a March baby (March 9th to be exact), eighteen years old and a Georgia peach--born there and raised in Stone Mountain all my life. I went to the same private school from K5 to my senior year, so this is really my first real school transition. I have a 16 year old sister and 12 year old brother living with me at home along with my mom, dad, and aging yet somehow still hyperactive dog named Ty.

I've always had somewhat of a fascination with other cultures--the Asian culture is the one that has captivated me the most. I'm going to be an Asian Studies/ Political Science double major which will hopefully be the program best suited to helping me become a foreign diplomat or at least prepare me for some career in international relations and affairs. I have a serious passion for the fields I'm going to study in and I think that Learning Objective 6 (Comprehending Cross-Culturally: Language and Global Studies) sums me up pretty nicely. It's not only the one that excites me the most--its the one I've waited my whole life to study in depth. Learning Objective 5 hardly seems like my kind of thing. I've never really been an analytic math and science kind of girl.

Can't wait to be on campus this fall! ^-^

What am I into?

*Japanese culture, especially:


-Japanese food (I'm pretty good at making sushi, if I do say so myself ^-^)

-the Japanese language (taken 3 years of high school Japanese)

*Art (I'm working on perfecting digital art; I have more of a cartoony/ manga-ish style)

*Music (typically J-pop and K-pop, but I'll really listen to most anything I come across)

*Writing (I like to write short stories and I'm working on a novel)

*Sports (I played basketball, volleyball, and soccer in high school and I'd really like to play Intramural/Club Volleyball in college)

*Traveling (I've only been out of the country once. Our senior class trip this past year was to Rome! Traveling is something I've always wanted to which is part of the reason I'd like so much to study abroad)

Just a bit more...

Oh, and anyone who knows me knows I love bacon. Its just my thing.


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