The Combat to Success

Vansh Sikka

The long Struggle to Success

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The Living Death

The effects of my grandfathers death was a big adversity on my mom and grand mom are significant because it she was really connected to her Dad and she was really disappointed. One effect of my mom losing her Dad was that she was depressed . Another result was that my Grandma was very upset because she spent more time with him than my mother so she was feeling more detached and separated from him and she was very dependent on him to do everything so now knowing that she was overwhelmed but she had to work harder and fulfill two peoples jobs. Now it has been two years and we miss him but we feel more acceptable to the fact he died and had to yield thinking that he will come back for her.

Jimmy Valvano

The life of Jimmy Valvano was just like any others you live and you die but he didn't die losing to the terminal cancer he had he stood up for himself and fought through his cancer he ventured around the world to give his cancer research speech. Jimmy Valvano made a speech one night he had cancer and he had been sick throwing up on the plane ride and couldn't walk up on stage himself he was so weak but still stood up and gave a beautiful and eloquent speech . He was diagnosed with cancer and had opened a cancer research center and he was fighting through cancer and he said that "If this cancer research organization doesn't help me it can help you, your children, or even your grand children." and that showed me how he was

How to Achieve your Goals

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