McDaniel Memo

Friday, January 16th

Behavior/Work Habits

As you may have noticed, your child's weekly report might have more information on it than in the past. This class is becoming a bit off task and talkative. This morning when I returned from being out yesterday I had 28 assignments (from many students) missing or incomplete. The study hall room was full of students from this class. I don't assign a lot of homework, so if they have work not completed it is because they are not using their time wisely in class. Please talk with your child about the importance of staying on task, being focused in school, and taking responsibility of their assignments. This will only become more difficult as the spring approaches and as they move into fourth grade. If you have any questions please call or email.


The following days are when we will finish up our winter testing. On Tuesday the 20th, at 10:25, we will make up any NWEA testing that was not finished this week.

We will also take the Otis Lennon test on Thursday the 22nd at 10:40. We had a practice today that went really smoothly. This test is also on the computer. Please stress with your child about the importance of all these tests. This will help prepare them for the BIG ones such as ISTEP and IRead.

Due to not having school on Monday and our testing schedule, our literacy stations will look different next week. We will be doing more whole group activities for grammar, reading, and writing.

There will be no word sorts (spelling) next week due to this crazy schedule.



This week in reading we worked on "Close Reading". This means reading a text multiple times to gain more meaning and understanding. Think of a shovel digging deeper during each read. This is a great strategy for reading short text or chapters of a book to get more meaning.


We are working on finding prepositions in sentences. This is also a great writing tool to make our stories more interesting.


We are starting the early process of our specialty animal literary nonfiction. We are currently working on the beginning of our "creative" story.


Today we took a middle of the year math assessment. This is a great tool to see how everyone is progressing.

We are in the middle of chapter 6, Geometry. We will continue to be on chapter 6 next week as well. I am looking to have the chapter 6 test on Tuesday, January 27th.


We are wrapping our unit on Simple Machines. Today we did a fun activity about creating our own simple machine out of some edible items.