by dynamic duo

what is the cause of this disorder

it is cause by a defective gene on chromosomes 15. When both parents carry the defective tray-sachs gene the child has a 25% chance of developing the disease.

how does this disorder affect the human body

The effect the human body by the child may become blind, deaf, and unable to swallow. mucles start to fail and paralysis sets in.

what is the life expectancy with this disorder?

Even with the best medical care many children die at age 4. its very tragic that children are defenseless against this disorder:(

what is the disorder more common in

it is most common in the ashkenazi jewish population.(how racist is that :0)

medical treatments that exist to help with the disease or disorder

For now there is no treatment for taysachs. There are mesures to keep it down like proper nutrition and hydration and techniques to keep the airway open


This disease is one of the worst ones i have seen. I would hate to have this disease, and if i did have it i would be dead.  Dont get me wrong this is a very serious diseases.