Immigration To Texas


The Italian Immigrants and why they came to Texas.

Italians started immigrating to Texas around 1880-1920. They went to Texas to escape Poverty and hardships. Usually they found Cheap labor or close to none, well most of them at least. More Italians came to Texas and nationwide, Italian-American ethnic is the 6th largest ethnic group nationwide.

Years of settlement

Italian immigrants started settling in 1880-1920


1.Festa Della Repubblica (Known as Republic Day) Celebrated on June the 2nd, Italy celebrates the day it became a republic after 85 years of a monarchy.

2. San Marco (Patron Saint of Venezia) Is celebrated on April 25th, It honors Saint Mark, the city patron saint.

3.Il Giorno dei Morti (Day of the Dead) Is celebrated on November 2nd. It is a holiday to honor the dead.