Report for Mrs.Winter

Whats a Calorie?

A Calorie is the measure of energy in the food!
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Link to calorie lab report

Here's my lab report that explains how to calculate calories and has examples (5 foods).

What's the difference between a Calorie and a calorie?

1,000c=1C (Kilocalorie)

Calorie dense food

a food that has a lot of calories in a small amount of food

example) M&M's

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Low calorie density food.

A food that doesn't have very many calories in a certain amount.

example) Apple

What is an ''empty calorie''?

  1. Empty Calories are the calories from solid fats and added sugars in foods and beverages. They add to total calories, but provide no vitamins or minerals. Preschoolers can have some "empty calories", but too many can fill them up without supplying the nutrients they need.

Posting Calorie's

I think people should put how many Calorie's / calorie's on there food.

The Calories you consume compare to the Calories you burn.

If your trying to gain wait you eat Calories and don't burn them. If your trying to lose Calories you workout so you don't gain weight

Regarding Calories

Working out. Making right food choices. Knowing what food to eat and to not eat.
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