Fist crops

As people Traveled they gathered food from wild plants. When resources fan out people needed to move to new locations. Cultivate means to prepare and use land for crops or gardening. What caused people to find new ways to produce food is because there was not enough wild grains to feed everyone. Archaeologists believe that women 's were the first once to farm because they were responsible for gathering wild grain and they also noticed a pattern. Women's learned how to cultivate crops while men began to hunt for food. The job of men was to continue hunting animals for food. Farming developed independently in several parts of the world. Also storing crops allowed early farmers to establish their foods supplies. A stable food supply led to the domestication of plants by allowing the people to select seeds from the better plants , perhaps the bigger wheat kernels seeds that had yielded the most grain per plant or those that tasted the best. The reason people settled in one place is because they were able to better control there food and supplies.

The first farm animals

Domestication was a really big thing for early people. People first stared domesticating dogs ,nomads usually domesticated dog to help them hunt for food. People domesticated farm animals in about 10,000 years ago. Instead of us following the animals they followed us. people domesticated sheep and goats because of there size, tameness, and on their plant based diet. They also provided milk, cheese, wool, hide, and manure. They also used cows, bulls, and ox to help them farm, They also helped with labor in fields. Beast of Burden means a large animal that carries a large load. The diseases from animals spread to humans. Fewer people were needed in the fields because they made the bulls, cows ,and oxen preformed all the hard labor, while people did other jobs such as tool making ,building and other jobs. Also people stared to cultivate the land to grow more plant and have more food.The two innovations that peoples made to help them grow was fertilizers and farming tools. They learned how to make there tools better, and they used pig manure and cow manure .

Pictures of first farm animals

Were, When, and Why

Revolution means a wide spread change of life. A current change in humans lives was when humans shifted away from living and roaming hunter gathers and began farming agrarian communities. This revolution did not happen quickly, it occurred gradually over several thousand of years. Nomadic people moved from place to place following the animals for food , now the animals follow us for safety, and food.Migration is a seasonal movement of animals from one region to another. The fertile crescent helped people to settle down because they found a lot of natural resources.The building were made from brush and were not permanent structures, so people may not have lived them years- around.Early people did continue to be nomadic and they also settled in one place. Some people settled in India, China, Egypt , pure, and mexico.