John Cabot

by Riley Wiener

All about John Cabot

John Cabot was an Italian navigator and explorer. In the 1450s John Cabot was born. John Cabot was born in Genoa Italy. In 1497 Cabot traveled by sea to Canada. The fake expedition is uncertain it is thought that Cabot eventually reached North America but never managed to make the return voyage across the Atlantic ocean. when Cabot was 11, his family moved to Venice.

Navigation Tools

The navigation tools we use these days are different from the tools that my explorer used. One of the tools that my explorer us is a compass a compass is a small disk that shows if u are going North, South, East or West. These days we have technology that has more information. Something that didn't change was explorers used paper maps and we still use maps these days. Sometimes it could be fun to use a compass and paper maps and tools that all different explorers used.