Joyce's Career Project

Civil Engineering

My Personality

I think that personality is something that tells the qualities belonging to a person. Based on the Personality True Color Test, my primary color is blue that describes me as an imaginative, communicative and a creative person. I like creativity in my work which would help me in my career as well. I have an artistic mind and a strong desire to influence other people so that they lead more significant lives. My secondary color is green that describes me as an independent thinker. I like constant challenges like developing models, exploring ideas, etc.

My Career

I have chosen to do Civil Engineering after I graduate from high school. Since childhood, I have been into making drawings. I liked drawing buildings and straight lines and using ruler. Along with the drawing part, I also have an interest in the subject Math which would help me in the engineering field. Civil engineering is basically the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of building structures, roads, bridges, dams, airports, harbors, etc. I would also like to do civil engineering to reconstruct buildings, roads and other develop places to have a better impact in the world. The job salary per year on average is $82,050. New job opportunities in this field are very likely in the future.


Civil engineering requires a bachelor's degree that is a four-year course. Master's degree can also be done. After I graduate from Hebron High School, I would like to go to Texas A&M University that is located in College Station, Texas. It is not only one of the best colleges for Civil engineering, but it is also ranked as one of the best colleges in Texas which is also an advantage for me to scope for good jobs. The tuition fees is $7,844. There are 20,887 number of applicants and 70% admitted. It also has many other majors with engineering being the most prominent major.


The salary per year for Civil Engineering is $82,050. The Texas Reality Check tells me that the monthly expenses would be $3,685 which include the following:

Housing: $694

Utilities: $384

Food: $300

Transportation: $733

Clothes: $500

Health Care: $73

Personal: $175

Entertainment: $50

Miscellaneous: $300

Savings: $321

Student Debt Loan: $155

The annual expenses are $44,219 and taxes that are $11,055. So, the annual salary I would need would be $55,274

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Civil Engineering & Architecture