Library/Media Center Update!

Things you need to know:)


Here is a list of programs you might want to review when you get bored this summer. I know you don't plan to be bored, but just in case! Check out the Bell student resource page for the links!

Follett Shelf: There are over 550 eBooks in this program. The login information is:

Usesrname: bell102

Password: teacher102

Go to the Library tab, click on Bell, click on the catalog tab at the top, Follett Shelf is on the left side of the page.

School Fusion: Please add a message to your webpage saying have a nice summer.

However, please do not update your webpage for the fall. The district has purchaed a new program and we will be launching it in the fall.

Gaggle: May be going to Google, more about this in the fall.

Destiny: This is located on the student resource page, listed as Library. Make your book list now in Destiny and have them ready to go for the first six weeks. We will pull books for you in the fall.

BrainPop! Don't forget BrainPop has full lesson plans inside of it as well as videos and activities. Check it out! The after hours login is:

User Name: bell_elem_teacher

Password: tylerisd

Summer Training!

I will be training this summer at Technopalooza in the following sessions:

App Smashing


Story Telling: Not Just for ELAR

So, if you miss it, I will repeat it in the fall.

I will also train June 24th on Technology With Young Learners.

Technopalooza is full at the moment, but I'm sure there will be some to drop out. Check the website and get on the waiting list if you are interested.

Last Job Before You Leave for the Summer! Yeah!

Remember your email will delete from your inbox at the 90 day mark. If you have something you want to save, you need to save it to a personal folder or to your hard drive. Personal folders are not folders created under your INBOX. They are folders created under the area Personal Folders. If you don't have that section, bring your computer and come see me before Monday noon!!!

Last but not least....if you need to change your password over the summer don't forget you can go to and click the link on the right "Employee Password Reset"

and do it yourself! No more waiting!