Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

November 10-14

Upcoming Dates

Monday, November 10: Homework Packet #10 due

Tuesday, November 11: Chapter 6 Test

Monday, November 17: Homework Packet #11 due

Thursday, November 20: Chapter 7 Test

Coming Up in Math...

After reviewing and having our Chapter 6 test on ordinal numbers and positional words, we will be moving unto Chapter 7, where we will study numbers to 20. We will use a place-value chart to show numbers up to 20, show objects up to 20 as tens and ones, and compare numbers to 20 and order them by making number patterns. Students will become familiar with how to write and recognize numerals as well as written numbers 11-20.

How You Can Help!

in preparation for our Chapter 6 test on Tuesday, practice using positional words with your child. We have covered: right, left, up, down, behind, in front of, beside, between, near, and far. Additionally, practice with your child about recognizing and writing ordinal numbers. It can also be helpful to line up their toys or other items in a row and have them identify what position each object is in line (For example, the teddy bear is fourth from the left and third from the right. It is between the race car and the toy robot.).

1st = first

2nd = second

3rd = third

4th = fourth

5th = fifth

6th = sixth

7th = seventh

8th = eighth

9th = ninth

10th = tenth