Welcome to Athens!

Make the most of winter, travel to Athens!

Need to get away for a bit? Travel to Athens! Lift your eyes to the amazing Parthenon standing today, built 2,500 years ago. It's architectural beauty will leave you in awe. Stay in one of our many amazing and comfortable cottages!

The Beautiful Views

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Be a Part of Athenian Culture!

On your trip, you can participate in many of the fun cultural activities participated by villagers, such as discus, wrestling, and foot races. Also, if like theater, you can participate in on of the many plays performed here. The one event you can't miss is the Dionysian Festival. Enjoy dancing, singing, and of course wine on this special night!

Where to Stay

  • wooden house with marble columns house for rent- two bedrooms, one bath. $900 per month.
  • unbaked brick-wall house will terracotta roof tiles for safe- one bedroom, two baths. $200,000.
  • bronze house with limestone columns for rent- four bedrooms, three baths. $1,100 per month plus $900 deposit.
  • wooden and bronze home with marble columns for sale- two bedrooms, three bathrooms. $300,000.
  • Here in Athens, very little travel is made due the rugged mountains and rivers that isolate us from other poleis. Any travel made is done by foot.
  • We enjoy many varieties of yogurt, cheese, milk, lamb meat, goat meat, and wine.


Instead of having a ruler, the people rule each other. This way, we can prevent conflict. When we do have conflict, male landowners are allowed to vote by putting pottery shards into one of two baskets. Usually around every 10 days, about 5,000 citizens meet to vote on new laws. To decide if someone was innocent or guilty, Athens had law courts with trial by jury.

Social Structure

When men aren't training in military, they enjoyed themselves by going to theater for entertainment. They often watch tragedies and comedies. If a man owned land, they were allowed to vote, or be a part of a jury, were as women were not. Women are usually not allowed to watch theater or act in theater, however, men did not play women roles. Lives of Women in Athens revolve around, work, spinning, weaving, and teaching their adolescent children. Children in Athens usually spend their time playing with toys and games. Slaves were also used to complete duties like farming, factory work, and running shops.


Here in Athens, boys are taught at home by their parents until they are around six years old. Once they reached six, they go to school. They learn math, science, reading, and they learn to play a musical instrument, most of the time the flute or the lyre, a harp-like instrument. They learn poetry, and how to debate. After high school, they go to military school. Girls do not go to school. They were taught at home by their mothers.

Watch Out!

Be sure to watch out for the Persians, one of our sworn enemies, who are always plotting for war against us. Also be careful around they government; they might think you are trying to scheme against them, and order you to drink poison!

Dionysian Festival

Wednesday, June 16th 399 at 9-11pm

2 Miaouli

Athens, Attica

Come and party at the Dionysian Festival, and enjoy cheese and wine!
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