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Friday Sendoff - May 22, 2020

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Music As Self-Care (adapted from The Self-Care Institute)

Music can be a friend to lean on right now. Music might also be your co-worker, an emotional outlet, a voice of reason, a way to connect with others, a reminder that you're not alone, or a way to keep your kids occupied - and all of these things makes our relationship to music very important.

1. Music can help create structure in your day.

For example, choosing specific music for the morning (before work), afternoon, and evening (after work) can be grounding and create personal rituals yourself. Since many of us are at home a lot right now, this can also help the break the day up into more specific chunks of time so that the day doesn't just quickly fly by or drag on endlessly.

Making music a part of your routine can help create signals and cues to your brain and body so that a rhythm can be established. Because time is taking on a different type of texture right now, providing these external cues can be helpful. Also, consciously choosing your own music to listen to or play can help you take ownership of your environment, your time, and your life.

2. Music can be familiar and grounding.

We can find so much comfort in the familiar sounds right now. Listening to music that brings back positive memories can help bring back feelings associated with those memories. However, sometimes music related to positive memories can create sadness too, so check with what is best for your heart.

Try out different songs and different types of music to see what is grounding for you right now. Find that song that eases your mind and soul and feels like home to you.

Most days it can seem like the Coronavirus is this big entity that's taken up so much space in our lives. However, there are other things that can be even bigger that can bring hope and comfort.

Music is an entity that is bigger than all of us, and is something we can turn to to remind us that we are not alone.

Music can be used as self-care in so many ways and see how you can bring in music and allow it to be your friend today.

But of course, feel free to choose silence at any time also. Silence can also be a friend that can be restorative and healing.

Adapted from The Self-Care Institute

Don't forget to reach out to someone you care about!

Social Awareness Video


**NEW** Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Newsletter

Please take a moment to check out this week’s FACEtime Newsletter from BCPS Parent University.

Newsletter Link:

**NEW** There's A Reason Kids Are Clingy Right Now

**NEW** Supporting Families during COVID19

We know parents are struggling to balance work, child care and self-care while keeping worries — both their children’s and their own — under control. They don’t have to do it alone. For more information, visit:

**Virtual Career Day Videos and Resources**

If you have done a virtual career day and are willing to share your videos and resources with your colleagues, please email links/videos/resources to your specialist. We would like to create a shared folder of these items for other schools to use. Additionally, we are partnering with the CTE office to get MORE videos and resources for your virtual career days! They have contacts in a wide variety of industries to help us build this video library.

Volunteer Opportunity

**NEW** Volunteers Needed!

The YMCA of central Maryland is looking for volunteers to help with food distribution this week at various locations.

Please visit to learn more and sign up.

Elementary School Counselors

Combination Lock Tutorial

In the May 1st Friday Send Off there was information about an App to practice unlocking combination locks. Since our kids can’t practice with real locks at school, Lea Dissen from Chase Elementary created a PowerPoint for students to practice opening a lock using the App.

Middle School Department Chairs

May CCR Newsletter - Please share the May College and Career Newsletter with students, staff, and families.

Secondary Counselors

**NEW** Visit with Blue Angels Commander Brian Kesselring

To learn more about Commander Kesselring's journey to becoming a Blue Angels Commander, visit the link below and sign up for the Facebook Live event on June 1st.

High School Counselors

National College Foundation Career Expo

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, the National College Resource Foundation is holding its 2020 Virtual Career Expo LIVE from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm (EST). This will be an online virtual career recruitment experience. The career expo is open to high school juniors and seniors, college students, college graduates, and other adult individuals. See the link below to access the information.

High School Department Chairs

**NEW**Student Voter Registration

The Upsilon Epsilon Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. of Baltimore County would like your help getting eligible BCPS students who are 17 and 18 years or older registered to vote by October 13, 2020 so they can vote in the November 3rd Presidential election.

Please share this link with seniors who are interested in registering to vote:

CCBC Non-Degree Program

CCBC is hosting information sessions for your non-degree bound seniors who are interested in workforce credentials. Please contact your CCBC admissions rep to begin scheduling.

CCBC ECAP Information sessions

CCBC admission office would like to schedule early college access program information sessions for interested students. Please contact your admissions representative to schedule dates after June 1st.

Naviance Graduation Survey

See the attachment below for a senior survey questions. The built in grad survey data populates the following district/school reports in Naviance. There isn't a way to just pull only their responses for the 5 questions.

  • Student outcomes report
  • College application reports
  • Scholarship report

Graduation Survey Completion Results

In order for seniors to send their final transcripts through eDocs, we need them to complete the Graduation Survey that was assigned to them. One of the five survey questions asks seniors where they’re attending in the fall, which makes completion crucial so we have the location to send their final transcript.

Please take a look at the attached, but you’re also able to run this report using the following steps:

  1. Go to the Analytics tab
  2. Click on Reports BETA
  3. Click on Task Completion Report
  4. In the filter on the left side select the "Complete Graduation Survey" under the tasks section.

There’s also the current task completion status report available to provide the names of students who need to complete the survey by following the steps below.

1. Choose settings

2. Class year: 12

3. Continue


5. Continue

6. Choose CSV so you can reorder by complete, in progress and not started

Please contact your Specialist directly if you have any questions about the reports.

College Counselors

**NEW** Supporting Students in Navigating Trauma, Grief and Stress during the College Process

A few weeks ago, the American College Application Campaign (ACAC) held its 2020 National Convention. A presentation hosted by Laura Owen, Ph.D., American University, and Kara Leva, Ph.D., Rowan University addressed how individuals who are working directly with students can help them navigate trauma, stress, and grief. Additionally, the presentation shared information about how trauma impacts the college-going process.

ACAC 2020 National Convening: Supporting Students in Navigating Trauma Stress and Grief

**NEW** Ohio College information session

The Ohio Six were so thrilled to have over 1,000 registrants for their first Ohio 6 Colleges webinar yesterday! As they reached capacity in the virtual room, they wanted to invite your students to a second webinar, hosted by the following Vice Presidents and Directors of the Ohio 6 Colleges, on Tuesday, June 2nd at 2 pm EST:

Register Today

University System of MD Contacts

Below is a helpful document that includes (on pages 2 and 3) the admissions and transfer services contacts at each of the USM institutions.

New and Updated Scholarships in Naviance

General John Stricker PTA Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship It is open to any high school senior who attended General John Stricker Middle School anytime during their middle school career. The deadline for the application is June 5th.

The Rambler Scholarship

The Rambler scholarship supports student-athletes pursuing an undergraduate education who self-identify publicly as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI), or as demonstrated and committed straight allies. The link to access the scholarship site is

Awardees will receive a one-time scholarship, paid directly to their school to cover tuition fees. Up to two scholarships of $2,500 each will be awarded publicly each summer. The application process deadline is June 1, 2020.

CCBC Scholarship Opportunity

The Marie Lloyd/ Ed Lamon Endowed Scholarship is offered each year to students graduating from a Baltimore area high school planning to attend CCBC for the Fall Semester, 2020.

The Marie Lloyd/Ed Lamon Scholarship is a two year award (four semesters) for a student pursuing an Associate Degree in a program of the student’s choice. The scholarship will fund up to $1,500 per semester.

Students will be evaluated on financial need, quality of essay, and high school grades.

The recipient can attend CCBC either full-time (12 credits) or part-time (6 credits). (Note: the scholarship amount will be prorated for a part-time student). The recipient must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and demonstrate acceptable progress toward an Associate Degree to be renewed each semester.

See Naviance for application. Deadline is July 15, 2020.

BCPS Hub Information

Recently added Hub items


Professional Development

Teachers and counselors must engage in a minimum of two hours of virtual professional learning each week during the closure. Please document your participation in your Outlook calendar.

**NEW** Helping Clients Adapt and Thrive Through Covid19 2 CEUs on 5/26

**NEW** Promoting Educator Well-Being: Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress in the Era of COVID-19 on 5/26 at 9:00am

**NEW** Wellbeing Through Crisis: Emotional PPE on 5/26 at 9:00am

**NEW** Coping with Stress During the Pandemic 5/26 at 1:00pm

**NEW** The Coming Out Process 5/25 at 3:30p

**NEW** Communicating Death and Dying to Latino Families during a Pandemic 5/27 at 1:00

**NEW** Ambiguous Loss: Grieving in the Time of COVID-19, Followed by Live Q&A Session

5/27 at 5:00

**NEW** Crisis Readiness, Response, and Recovery Webinar Series: Supporting Grieving Students During a Pandemic 5/29 at 6pm

MSCA Webinars - MSCA is holding evening webinars to support school counselors' growth during the COVID 19 pandemic. Sessions are free for members ($10 if you want CEU's) and $15 for nonmembers.

Generalized Anxiety And Trauma Interventions (Home Study Course) 3 CEU's, currently 30% off!

Mindfulness Client Care Interventions (Home Study Course) 6 CEU's - currently 30% off!

Anxiety Stops Here: 10 Powerful Interventions (Home Study Course) 3 CEUs - currently 30% off!

A Rainbow Of Play Techniques (Home Study Course) 1 CEU - currently 50% off!

Advanced Concepts: Cognitive Conceptualization & Modification Of Core Beliefs In CBT (Home Study) 5 CEU's - currently 33% off!

Helping Clients Address Anxiety Through the Lens of Emotional Intelligence 2 CEU's on 6/10/20 at 8:00pm

Understanding the Therapeutic Value and Real Work Within Play Therapy 2 CEU's on 6/22/20 at 8:00pm

How Trauma Transforms: Nurturing Resilience Through Play Therapy With Clients Impacted by ACEs 2 CEU's on 7/9/20 at 8:00pm

**NEW** Identifying Signs of Abuse Amid Social Distancing

Advocates will provide advice on clues and identifiers to look for during social distancing for students, co-workers, and family members who may be at risk. Available resources to support victims or provide advice on how to handle specific situations will also be discussed.
Webinar: Identifying Signs of Abuse Amid Social Distancing - April 28
Naviance Webinar Series

Learn from Naviance experts about completing critical tasks with your students during the final months of the year. Register for a free webinar by clicking the button above. You must be logged into your Naviance account to view the webinar series.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health during COVID-19

From MD Suicide Prevention and Early Intervention Network

ASCA Webinar series

Sign up for upcoming webinars. You must have an ASCA login and password to access their materials.

ASCA on Air (recorded webinars)

You must have an ASCA login and password to access their materials.

BCPS Counselors Good News & Inspiration

Virtual Counseling Office

Did you know you can create a virtual office to use as a background in sessions? Sarah Mintz created this one, which can also be viewed in Google Slides.
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Pikesville High School Senior Awards Ceremony

This virtual awards is scheduled to launch at 9am on Tuesday. It's set as a premiere so friends and family can chat and share congratulations while watching live if they're able.
Pikesville High School 2020 Senior Awards Program

Eastern Tech Signing Day

Lansdowne High Senior Signing Day

New Town High

We are so proud of our New Town Titans! We miss you all! We are here for you!
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Pikesville High

Check out these PAWsome yard signs for our Senior
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Lyons Mills

Brandon Menikheim was busy this week sending special "shout-outs" to his students.
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Schoology Access Codes

Elementary Counseling Curriculum: M4HSN-FCFN4

Secondary Counseling Curriculum: CFBV7-B6PCM

Threat Management: Q6RHK-WHHVC

College and Career Counseling: PFZD6-65N4V

Curriculum Updates: T7BM2-R8JSC

GSA Sponsors (LGBTQ+ resources): ZMBZ-4QXP-DKC89

Contact Information

Naviance Support: 1-866-337-0080 option 2 &

Signup Genius Support:

CPS phone number: 410.887.TIME

CPS email address:

MHEC FAFSA Completion (MD CAPS):

Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Through EAP, you get access to licensed clinicians to help you with emotional, behavioral, and other issues you may be experiencing such as help with finding pet care, elder care and caregiver support.

Crisis Text Line

Free confidential crisis intervention via SMS message. The organization's services are available 24 hours a day, every day, throughout the US

Counselor Observation and Evaluation Forms

The documents from this link are the most up to date and only forms that should be used for School Counselors. There are not online options or alternate observation forms for Counselors.

Office of Certification Contact Information

For information about recertification, growth charts and tuition, PD and conference reimbursements

Lauryn's Law Requirements and Course Offerings

This is the MSDE information page about Lauryn's Law requirements and local course offerings that fulfill the requirement.

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