Red River Campaign

Hagan Bownds - 7th Period

What happened in this battle?

Soon after the Native Americans attacked buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls, Presidant Grant put the army (instead of government agents) in charge of Native American afffairs in West Texas. Some Native Americans registered at agencies set up at reservations. About 4,000 however, did not. There about 1,200 warriors prepared for the final stand to protect their land.

More about what happened...

An army of 3,000 troops surrounded the camps from five different directions. The begining of this battle was later named the Red River Campaign; which was faught in late August 1874. The army didn't stop searching for Native American camps until the following spring. Major John B. Jones, a veturn of Terry's Texas Rangers led the Frontier Battalion Troops during this battle. In its first seventeen months, the Fountier Battalion fought twenty battles against Native Americans.

Hagan Bownds