Can we enter school later than 8:15

By:Edgar Santillanes


School should start later because that way every one would wake up fresh and they would not be falling asleep in class.

They require sleep

Because kids need to sleep about eight and a half hours to nine and one forth, also because when they don't sleep enough they don't focus in school but in wanting to go home to catch their sleep, and then what is the whole point of coming to school ?


It's important to start school later because in some kids it might affect their health, for example some kids wake up with a bad attitude,fever,or headache.

Kids will fail most of the time

Based on science kids don't have 100 percent energy on getting their work on time, the less they sleep the more they are going to be off topic in class and its going to affect them in their future.

Bad attitude

when kids wake up with a bad attitude, they are most likely to get in a fight in school because of dumb little reasons, and its going to affect them later when they are trying to get into a job, and then they have to check their school records.

They might start to get bad habits

Some kids just because of how badly they are stressed they start to get bad habits because they feel like they don't know what to do anymore.
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