Come to Cuzco!

The center of the Inca Empire!


The Inca live in the Andes Mountains, which means they have a much better vantage point to see approaching enemies!

Cool Temperatures!

Since the Inca live mostly in the mountains and at high altitudes, they live in much cooler temperatures!
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Inca Empire Grows!

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With each new emperor, the Inca empire grows even larger!

Less War!

Since the Inca are so isolated and spread out, they rarely go to war!
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Social Rank Can Change!

In the Inca society, commoners can become nobles!
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Young and Old Don't Work!

People who are very young or very old do not have to work in the Inca Empire!

Corn Makes the Sun Rise!

Instead of sacrificing human blood to encourage the sunrise, the Inca simply throw corn onto a fire!
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Human Sacrifice is Rare!

The Inca ONLY sacrifice humans on very sacred occasions or in times of a natural disaster!
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Unique Language!

The Inca have their very own unique language called quechua!
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The Inca use terrace farming to grow crops such as potatoes and corn!


The Inca have many llamas and alpacas that can survive in high altitudes and rocky mountains!
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