Stop All Look-A-Likes

Nobody Gets To Express Themselves

School is a time to express yourself to all of your peers, so that new outfit you just purchased, is there are dress codes then you basically can't wear them. You're basically just buying one uniform over and over.

If some people can't afford the required clothing, what are they supposed to do? Are we expecting them to ask for them? Scrounge for the money required? Or maybe skip a few lunches in order to meet our standards.
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How do we feel about younger children being in these all out uniforms? Are we going to make them uncomfortable in a already tough environment for them to learn with many distraction like the toys or other various things. Is it really a good idea to bring their mind to yet another distraction?
Are we going to stray away from everything we have taught them/ us as children? They go home a watch multiple television shows where the characters are allowed to wear what they please, but then we're going to make the kids wear one single thing and look like each other? Thin back to your childhood. Did you ever watch Spongebob? I know I did, and I seem to remember back to an episode where Spongebob begins to sell multiple colored Krabby Patties, and all the people in Bikini Bottom get their favorite color and you really get to see how diverse the city is. So what makes us think that it's okay to just make everyone look alike?