Computer Systems

------------Why the iPhone is a Computer System------------

What are the iPhones systems- making it a computer system...

The iPhone is a like any other computer system because it has the following systems...

-The input system

-The output system

-The data instructions processor

The iPhone's Input System

The iPhone's input system is when you click a button etc. It will end up with a certain output based on the programming of the iPhone and which buttons etc. do what...

The iPhone input system includes:

-The Keyboard (when you type something in on the keyboard)

-The touchscreen (the screen sensor when you touch it)

-The home button (when you press it to go home or hold it to have siri)

-The on/off button (when you press it to turn the phone on or off)

-The volume button (when you press the plus or minus volume button)

The iPhone's data instructions proccessor system

The iPhone data instructions processor is how the iPhone is programmed. when you do a certain thing on the iphone it will read the setting and a certain output will happen based on what the button etc. is meant to do...

The iPhone data instructions processor includes:

-The iPhone reads the settings and turns on or off if you press the right button

-The iPhone mutes the sound, turns down the sound, or turns up the sound if you press the volume button or the ringer button

-The iPhone can also turn on if you press the home button

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The iphone's output system

The iPhone's output system is the outcome of what button you press when using the input system. when you press a certain button (input) the iphone will know what the button does (data processor) and something will happen (OUTPUT)

The iPhones output system includes:

-When you go to the home screen (from pressing the home button)

-When the iPhone turns on/off (from pressing the home or power button)

-When the volume on the phone turns up or down (from pressing the volume buttons)

-When a letter or word appears on the phone (from clicking the letters on the keypad)

-When you are on an app (from pressing an app icon on the touch screen)