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Why Invest on a Content Management System (CMS) Website?

There are many issues that lead organizations to consider investing in a content management system (CMS):

  • Does it take too long to update content online and deliver it to your customers?
  • Do you lack consistent branding across your website(s)?
  • Is outdated, redundant content leading to a poor customer experience?
  • Does your agency website not show up at the top of search results?
  • Do you lack a central database of all your Web content that keeps track of changes?
  • Are you re-creating content for different platforms such as Web, mobile, and mobile apps?

Increased Traffic and Customer Satisfaction

A CMS can help your agency produce more consistent, better content. Better content that’s updated frequently can draw more people to your website and increase engagement and customer satisfaction.

Faster Delivery of Content

Without a CMS, content updates are often done manually and require support from IT staff to post content. Updates take too long or may not happen at all. Having a modern publishing system allows you to get new content and initiatives online faster, so you can see the benefits sooner.

Higher Quality Control

A CMS enables individual authors across your organization to create content, but access to publish content is restricted to approved people or positions, providing centralized control of online communications across your entire organization.

More Searchable Content

A CMS makes it easier to tag content with keywords and other labels and cross-link to related content on your site. This improves search engine optimization, so your content appears higher on search engine results.

Increased Sharing of Content

A CMS makes it easier to structure and tag content in a standardized way, which enables sharing and re-use of government information—both within and across agencies. This can open up vast possibilities for agencies to collaborate on related content and deliver a better customer experience to the public.

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