Cartoon analysis

By Bobby Huscher

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Present day cartoon : Social (Made in 2000)

White man saying “...My people died because of this flag….” Referring to the Confederate flag on his white t-Shirt. The African American man is saying “So did mine.” This man is saying this remark with a sarcastic face. The African American man was referring to slavery and the South’s flag on his shirt. The South was the area in the US where slaves were there was slavery. The white man was mentioning that the Confederate soldiers died for what they believe in. He says “My people,” suggesting that he is in support of slavery to this day. This political cartoon is from 2000. This cartoon is my social political cartoon. This is social because of the lack of acquaintanceship with each other. Some people still discriminate others based on their skin colors today. This relates to the ideal Equality, because the founding fathers wrote in the constitution that “All men are created equally. During Reconstruction and today some people are still treating blacks with feelings of discrimination. Overall this author is telling the reader these feelings of discrimination are still alive today.

There are two men. A black man and a white man. Their noses are exaggerated. White man is wearing a with T-shirt with the confederate flag. Black man is wearing a plaid collared shirt. White man is pointing to himself with his thumb and his right hand is placed on his back. Black man has his hands crossed. blank white background

The white man represents a supporter of slavery when he says “My people." Black man represents his color because the south held slaves. Confederate flag represents the Rebel's flag. Black man’s face represents the sarcastic remark he says to the white man. White man serious represents he wasn't lying.

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Civil war days cartoon : Social

This cartoon shows one white southerner and a member of the KKK holding up a banner with two slaves on it. Above the slaves there are words that say “Worse than slavery.” I think that this cartoon is saying that all of these major effects on the US were all because of slavery but now all of the major groups that came out of slavery is now a lot worse than slavery. The KKK originated because of slavery being abolished and white southerners wanted to take back what was theirs, by killing and torturing. White southerners are very upset because their former property was taking all of their jobs and now they have to pay the freedmen to work. This political cartoon was my civil war old time social cartoon. This relates to the ideal Equality, because with all of this controversy of equality they lost what means most, the US and things start to get out of hand.

KKK and white southerner holding up a banner with two slaves and child on it. Slaves look very desperate. White southerner has musket leaning on shoulder with bayonet attached. KKK member with pistol and knife tucked between stomach and belt. KKK member represents a KKK member that the freedmen are afraid of. White southerner represents a former slave owner. Slaves represent a family of slaves that are desperate to keep family alive.

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Present day cartoon : Economic (Made in 2008)

In this picture President Lincoln and Vice President Johnson are trying to find out their problems with their reconstruction plan. On the other side of the picture there are two Rebel officers looking at a member of the KKK. The KKK member is trying to convince the Southern soldiers to let the KKK to execute their plan on Reconstruction. The cartoonist is trying to say that Lincoln is trying to say that the North is having troubles with Reconstruction but the South is trying to resist the fact that they have to rejoin the Union. The KKK member is trying to let the KKK to be in charge of Reconstruction. The North doesn't want to waste all of the money to rebuild, even though they lost about half a million people in the war. The KKK member is trying to say let them do Reconstruction to force the new freedmen into rebuilding the nation. The cartoonist is trying to say this because the KKK is known for torturing and killing freedmen. The KKK will force the freedmen into slavery again, if the south doesn't want taxes to raise then they will force the blacks into slavery for free. This cartoon relates to the Ideal rights, because every person has civil rights including freedmen. The 13th Amendment was to abolish slavery in the whole US. This cartoon has to do with rights because of the amendments, the amendments were rights guaranteed to every US citizen and now since blacks were freed they were citizens and now have those rights.

In this picture President Lincoln and Vice President and soon to be President Johnson are trying to fix the setbacks of their Reconstruction plan. On the other side of the picture there is two Rebel soldiers that are meeting with a KKK member. The KKK member is trying to persuade the soldiers to let the members of the KKK have their shot at Reconstructing the United States.

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Reconstruction era cartoon : Economic

White northern man holding up a wooden mallet saying “Union.” The man is in the motion of smashing the mallet against a mythical creature that has the names of the political figures in the south. The political figures are ones that force the southern states in secession. One of the most known political figures on the multiple heads of a snake figure is “Davis,” meaning the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. I think that the cartoonist was trying to express the idea of the white man with the mallet the Union and all of the heads of the snakes as Confederate leaders. The Union man is using the action of swinging and is about to hit the Confederate heads with the mallet. The Union man is trying to hit the Confederate snake creature because of the whooping they got on the civil war. They got beaten by the Union in the civil war and know they have to face all of the Reconstruction ahead of them. Because most of the wars were fought in the South there was a lot of building to be done. The picture doesn’t represent only the civil war beating that the South got it represents the South in terms of Reconstruction. The South was now very poor and they had to do most of the Reconstruction. This cartoon was and Economy cartoon because the South was very poor and there was nothing they could do except free labor. This relates to the Ideal, Opportunity. This relates to Opportunity because with all of the poor whites now in the South they can have the opportunity to get jobs to support their family. But with all of the freedmen jobless and homeless there is no place for the poor whites. With the battle of Reconstruction there is a lot of buildings that need work on. With all of the jobs needed for Reconstruction everyone can have the opportunities to get jobs.

In this picture there is some sort of mythical snake creature and it has all of the heads of Confederate leaders. There are the leaders names on the neck of all the snake’s heads, for example there is Jefferson Davis.
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Present day cartoon : Political

This cartoon is saying that both the South and the North think that they won the civil war but the South won’t admit defeat. Seeing the Native American on the side saying “We lost,” is referring to all of the immigrants from Europe that invaded their country. They were taking the whole US but leaving nothing left for the Native Americans that were there first. They have been at America for over 300 years and the Native Americans couldn't do anything about it. The Englishmen stole their land and now they have to deal with it. This cartoon relates to the Ideal Rights. People should have rights to own land live with their own people in peace. This is the Political modern day political cartoon because when Englishmen came to the “New country,” the US the only thing was to defend from the Native Americans.

There is a Blonde haired man soldier wearing blue and supporting the North. There is also a brown headed soldier that is wearing a red uniform and is supporting the South. There is an Indian with no shirt on and a lot of body paint looking a little bitter. It looks like the soldiers are re en actors. There is an Ice Cream and Funnel Cake stand, saying that this place they are at is a fair and the soldiers are re en actors. There is a mother with a pink shirt and green shorts with her boy child that is wearing a dark green shirt and white shorts. The women has a purse/pocketbook. The man with the blue uniform represents a soldier from the Union. The man with the red uniform represents a soldier from the confederates. The Indian in the background represents a Native American that got their land taken over.

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Civil war days : Political

Lincoln telling Johnson to stitch back the US on a big map is what is happening in this cartoon. Both Lincoln and Johnson were Presidents during the reconstruction era. When states seceded from the Union and after the North won the civil war. Lincolns only reconstruction plan was restore the Union as quickly as possible. When Abe Lincoln died Andrew Johnson, Vice President took the role as President. He wanted to do what Lincoln originally wanted to do and restore the Union. That is why Andrew Johnson is seeing the map back together. The map was torn apart because of all the seceded states. He is trying to sew the Southern states back to the Northern states, just like restoring the Union. This is the old time Political cartoon because of the fact that reconstruction will take all of these strategies to restore and build back the Union. There were many groups trying to take leadership of Reconstruction but none could do it. This relates to the American Ideal Liberty, to do what you want for your country and the that the President Johnson/Lincoln have the right to do what they want for the world’s good.

Andrew Johnson sitting on top of a World Globe but pointed on the US. Abe Lincoln standing holding the globe up with a very big log. Johnson sewing back the seceded states to the Northern states. Lincoln and Johnson represent the President and Vice President at the time. The sewing the Northern states to the Southern, representing the wish to restore the Union.