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May 4, 2018

Spring Carnival

A big shout out to our GHES PTO for putting on a fantastic spring carnival last Saturday! The weather was gorgeous, it was a great turnout, and families had a blast! Thank you PTO for your hard work, organization, and providing an opportunity for our community to come together for some fun!

Teacher Appreciation Week is next week and the PTO is asking parents to sign-up on the My School Anywhere app/website for donations and duty-free lunch. The PTO is planning to shower our teachers with plenty of treats and goodies but they need your help to! Here is the info about the daily activities!

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From the School Nurse

Summer’s on the way! Everyone wants to be in or near the water. It’s fun to be in the water, but it is important to be safe. Most water-related accidents can be avoided by knowing how to stay safe and following a few guidelines:

- Learn to swim

- Always swim with a buddy. Even experienced swimmers can get tired, which may make it hard to get out of the water.

- Learn First Aid and CPR

- Know your limits

- Swim in safe areas only, preferably where there are life guards.

- If you get caught in a rip tide, don’t panic! Swim parallel to the shore until you get out of the current.

- Be careful diving! Do not dive in shallow areas.

- Watch the sun! Use sunscreen and reapply frequently. Try to get out of the sun during the hottest part of the day from 10-4pm. Use a hat and protective clothing.

- Stay hydrated. It is easy to get dehydrated in the sun. Drink lots of water. Dizziness, feeling light headed or nauseous can be signs of dehydration and over-heating.

- Always stay safe while boating by wearing a life jacket.

- Do not stay on a boat if a storm approaches.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will have a safe, fun summer while enjoying the water!

Call the Complex on the Greenway for more information at 803.547.4575.

Also, do not forget to pick up your medicines from the health room. They must be picked up by June 4th, After this all medicine will be discarded.

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you next year!!

Upcoming Events

5/7 - 5/11: Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday, 5/25: 1/2 day 7-11am, last day of school