Native Americans

How were they affected in the Westward Expansion? 1807-1912

Forced to live on Reservations.

One of the main effects was that the Native Americans were forced to move onto the Reservations. Reservations are land put aside for the Native Americans, and it is very bad quality land. In exchange for living on the reservation, the Indians were paid annuities. It never had much money in them, and they never paid it to them on time.

Destroying the Bison

Bison, or buffalo, was the main source of food and clothing for the Native Americans. US army, white settlers, and railroad companies purposely set out to kill all of the Bison.

Military Conflict

Many of the Native Americans hated living on the reservations and they were always on the verge of starving. They did not like the fact that they were never paid on time and they were starving.
Impact of Westward Expansion on Native Americans