by: Jessica Delatorre

What is Hypertrichosis and how does it affect men and women?

Hypertrichosis is a excessive hair growth over and above normal. This disorder does not affect the palms, soles and mucous membrane. Men get extreme hair growth on the upper part of their body. Women have less hair distribution. These people are often called "werewolves" because of the amount of hair on their body, appearing as if half wolf and half human.

When does this first start? What are some signs you have Hypertrichosis? Is there a cure?

This mutation is present from the time of birth, this classification is called "Congenital Lanuginosa". Primary signs consists of lanugo, vellus or terminal. Sadly there is no treatment, but can be manageable. Ways you can manage this is either getting hair plucked or waxing... ouch...

These are kids, men and women who have Hypertrichosis

How does this happen to people!!!!!

What causes Hypertrichosis?

This can be cause by either genetics or medically. Medical causes are metabolic disorders, cancer, or even oral and tropical drug treatment. Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa are caused by a genetic mutation in 8q chromosome. Scientist have not found any other causes.