Halogen cooktops

cooktops cooks up the food quickly and are easy to clean

High Performance Cooking With The Modern And Stylish Designs Of Cooktops

Monjardeals.com presents a widest range of cooktops that not only adds elegancy , style and chic to your kitchen but also provides you with the exceptional cooking experience. So now experience a high performance cooking with the modern and stylish designs of cooktops that suits your kitchen and your cooking needs. Modern designs of cooktops complements your kitchen and add a touch of style to it.

So when it comes to remodify or remodel your kitchen by replacing an old or existing appliance we monjardeals will surely meet your needs.

Modern cooktops are the combination of simplicity, elegancy and style. Their aesthetics appeal looks so great in every kitchen that every homemaker will be pushed towards its magical designs. So what are you waiting for! Give your kitchen a makeover with the stylish , sophisticated and sturdy cooktops. It will rejuvenate the interior of your kitchen and make your cooking experience pleasurable and full of fun .

Cooktops are available in stainless steel finish and tempered glass top finish. The designing has never ending range. There are varieties of colors and designs in cooktops like metallic shades of copper, silver, gold and many patterns like floral, fruit and many more….

Cooktop burners ranges from 1 to 5 depending on the individual household requirement. The material used in burners is of various types i.e. brass burners , aluminium alloy burners and European burners. The brass burners are the oldest one though costly but efficient in heating whereas aluminium alloy burners are cheaper and new in market but their life is short . On the other hand European burners are growing popularity but they are not efficient for Indian kitchens . Their is low flame in such burners so they cannot run in Indian kitchens which requires a high flame for deep frying.

The best thing about cooktops is that besides being traditional there is no need to cut the granite to fix it in kitchen area as in built in hob and its ergonomic designs are in no way less than built in hobs.

There are also different types of cooktops in the market. Some of these types are electric, gas , modular , induction and halogen.

Electric cooktops: These cooktops are available in various heating elements like radiant, coil and solid disk. Each of them provides different heat levels. Radiant elements are heated underneath the glass ceramic surface, coil is more efficient in heating and solid disk elements provide heat consistently by means of cast iron burner. Electric cooktops work well with flat bottom cookwares.

Gas cooktops: they are more preferred in kitchens due to its controlled heat. These cooktops are available in varied materials like stainless steel, porcelain enamel and tempered glass finish.

Modular cooktops: such cooktops are customized cooktops and it works on both electric and gas burners as per the individual need.

Induction cooktops: Nowadays induction cooktops are growing fame day by day. These are called as smart cooktops. Though expensive yet efficient. They heat up fastly and are also easy to clean. They are not hot to touch and works on the magnetic field , it heats only the magnetic cookware.

Halogen cooktops: These cooktops cooks up the food quickly and are easy to clean. They glow when we on them and gives an indication that the panel is hot and we can now cook food.

We at monjardeals provides you with the modern and stylish range of cooktops that adds an international touch to your kitchen . All the well known renowned brands like Padmini , Elica , Faber , Kutchina , Ekko , Cata , Seavy , Kaff , Inalsa , Glen , Prestige are with us at best prices. So before you buy a new cooktop for your kitchen don’t forget to call www.monjardeals.com.


So when it comes to remodify or remodel your kitchen by replacing an old or existing appliance we monjardeals will surely meet your needs.