Zeus and Promethius

Zach M and Michael P

The Myth untold

In Ancient Greece there was once two men named Prometheus and Epimethius who were assigned by Zeus to to send gifts to men and animals. Epimethius gave gifts to the animals. He gave them claws, furs etc. So then Prometheus stole fire. The fire was stolen from the gods and he gave it to men. Once Zeus figured out Prometheus stole fire from the gods he got mad so he tied Prometheus to a rock and had a vulture swoop down and eat his liver. From then on Prometheus became god of fire.

Interview with Prometheus and Zeus


“ Prometheus can I ask you a question about how and why you are here please.” “ Yes I would be happy to since the volture has already come and won’t be back until tomorrow.” “ Prometheus bring you and your brother to me I need you to deliver some more gifts to the animals.” “Yes zeus I will. “Zeus I have one more question for you how did it feel to have a vulture swoop down and eat Prometheuses liver.” “It felt great I felt like I had so much power in me.” “Thanks again gentlemen we hope to see you soon.”

Compare and Contrast Zeus and Flash (super hero)

Differences between Zeus and Flash: Flash is much faster than Zeus. Zeus does not have a costume unlike flash, and flash is not a god.

Things in common about Zeus and Flash: Zeus and flash are both good guys. Both of there symbols is a thunderbolt and they are really popular.

Common Prometheus, Frankenstein: Both are popular. Both do bad things. Both have dark hair. Both get lots of injuries. Both have Bushy hair.

Differences Prometheus, Frankenstein: Frankenstein has screws in his neck. They don't really know each other. Prometheus likes fire. Frankenstein is big. Prometheus does not like Halloween as much as Frankenstein.