Rulers of the south america animal's




coyotes are mammals. They have a vertebrate. coyotes are warmblooded mammals. There body covering is fur. Its predators are people. It moves with it's four leg's


It live in four places forests,prairies,and desert& and north america. It shelter is the wood's. It eat's grass,insect,berie,mice,bird,and rabitts. It water source is lake

Life cycle

A baby coyote is called a cub. The mother take's care of live young.


Coyote's have teeth for biting it's prey and leg's for running fast. And a nose to smell it's prey.

Interesting facts

Coyote's run 40 mile's and 64 kilometer's per hour. They weigh 25 to 35 pound's.Coyote's live in north america the Central of america. Some coyote's live in pack's that mean's they live together. Coyote's mostly howl at night.