Curation Tools

Tools to Discover and Share Digital Content

Managing Content

Tired of forgetting where you found information? Spending hours using various search engines to get the latest news? Use the following tools to help you discover, manage, and share digital content.


Addictomatic allows you to instantly discover the latest news on a topic. Just type in the topic of interest, and addictomatic will show you the buzz on Twitter, Bing, Google Blogs, Wordpress, Youtube, Flikr and more!

Bag the Web

BagTheWeb allows users to create "bags" of links to share and publish. It enables users to create networks of bags so that they can be linked together to provide rich and complete information about a topic.


Zootool is a visual bookmarking tool for organizing and sharing your favorite images, videos, documents, and links from the web. It gives you the best available previews, tag suggestions, titles and descriptions for your bookmarks. It allows you to quickly and easily share bookmarks with friends and family.

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