Where the water's warm, and the ocean meets the sky


  • Roughly 700 islands
  • 2,5oo cays
  • 100,000 sq. miles about the size of Connecticut
  • 30 islands are inhabitated
  • Most of our islands are flat with rocky sides
  • We are surrounded by coral reefs
  • Mount Alvernia on cat island is 200 feet
  • Clear shallow water
  • We also have a veriety of exotic animals
  • Warm temperatures year round june to september are warmest.
  • North islands get most rain
  • summer is a rainy season.

Cultural Geography

  • Lucayns florished hear from 600 AD to 800 AD
  • Columbus came and landed in 1492
  • Lucayns became slaves to spanish and were wiped out by 1515
  • Britain colony until1647
  • during the U.S. civil war some of us stole cotton and liquor
  • tourism blew after world warll
  • we are a common wealth country
  • primenister under Queen Elisabith ll


  • Tourism is the train of the economy
  • Hotels and Resorts are promonite
  • good middle class jobs
  • Share US money
  • Frequent shopping trips to the US