American System

by Nick Ownbey


The American System was created to strengthen and unify the nation

Nationalism vs Sectionalism

Nationalism - loyalty and devotion to a nation

Sectionalism - loyalty to one's region, rather than whole nation

Issues with Sectionalism - Ignores the focus of people's attention; division

Key Components

  • High Tariff - protect American industries
  • High public land prices - get federal revenue
  • Preserve the U.S. Bank - stabilize the currency and control riskier lower level banks, loans available to businessmen
  • Internal improvements, like roads and canals - improve transportation, connect the nation

Henry Clay

A leader of the Whig Party, senator, and a man known for his schemes, Henry Clay was also a failed presidential candidate multiple times. He was speaker of the House and one of the "War Hawks". He was called "the Great Compromiser" because he assisted in the creation of the major compromises in his lifetime.