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Labor Omnia Vincit

Week #14: December 7th-11th

Review the Habits of Mind: Synergize


Principal's Corner

What a great time to "Synergize"! This coming week we will be participating in a PD session in which you will be sharing your video with a peer. To synergize is to work together and collaborate. Stephen Covey says it best, "It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and the adventure of finding new solutions to old problems." As we continue to find ways to improve our craft as educators and leaders on campus, I ask that you keep and open mind as we implement new practices on our campus. Our end goal is to increase academic achievement and close the achievement gap at an accelerated rate. During the ACP testing period the conversation may become focused on student progress up to this point and around what students still need to learn. I want to remind you that our students because of your consistency in providing effective instruction have made much progress! Are they where we want them to be? PROBABLY NOT! However, you must focus in on the achievements they have made individually and as a group! In class, we see students discussing their growth, focusing on their areas of need and acknowledging that their effort creates ability. Each of you have played a vital role in getting them this far. I challenge you to think about how we can create urgency in our students so that they are aware of how important every minute of every day counts. What are we doing to create that sense of urgency? Is every minute of your day planned out so that each portion of the lesson cycle is filled with rigorous activities that are aligned to the LO that will lead them to high success? Remember that our actions send a message to our students. What message do you send to your students?

Our students may challenge the norm; therefore, think differently, act courageously and make your mark!



I want to thank Ms. Harris and the 5th grade team for completing the climate survey! Her team agreed to send her their confirmation email to confirm their participation. Way to lead the way!! Which other grade levels/ teams (TAs, Cafeteria Staff, Custodians) can get 100% participation?

Campus Visits

Teaching Trust Visit

  • 3/4 lesson plans were aligned with the objectives that were written in the classroom but may not have been aligned to the curriculum maps
  • Level of rigor needs to be increased
  • Students need to understand the concept being taught.

Oran Roberts Visit

  • Classrooms environment is positve
  • Anchor charts were referred to during lessons, small group instruction or referenced by students while in center work
  • Data tracking is evident in 100% of the classrooms visited
  • In some classes, students demonstrated/ talked through how they use their data to move to their centers

Executive Director Visit

  • Classroom environment positive
  • Classrooms were organized

Overall Next Steps:

  1. Increase level of rigor
  2. Use question stems to plan lessons to have better alignment between lesson and what is end of year expectations for students


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TORSH Assignment #2: Multiple Response Strategies


  • Download the app T Uploader on your iPhone/iPad/android. You can also plan to record your video with your school laptop.
  • Also, the instructional coaches can come in and help you record! Or have Ms. Iwasko come and install the Swivl so you can record remotely with high-quality sound.


  • Record a 5-minute video where we can see one or more Multiple Response Strategies (M.R.S.)


  • Upload your video to the TORSH website (either through the app on your phone, or directly to the website)
  • Watch your video and self-reflect using time-stamped notes/comments on your video. If you need any assistance, contact your Grade/Level Chair or Leadership Team.

On December 7th we will have our Professional Development led by the Ed-Fellows in the Library at 4:15 p.m. You will learn how to share your video with a partner in your grade level, to give/receive effective feedback and continue increasing our quality of instruction. Make sure that you have your 5-minute video uploaded to TORSH, as well as your reflection of at least one grow and one glow as time-stamped notes (comments).

Your preparation for this day is a key step for the success of the embedded P.D!

Reading/Writing Corner

I-Station/Achieve 3000


Just a reminder to send the instructions and log-in information home so that our students have another opportunity to continue practicing their reading skills through I-Station. Below is the minimum criteria for “Good I-Station Usage”

· 90 minutes per week for Tier 3

· 60 minutes per week for Tier 2

· 30 minutes per week for Tier 1

After students complete their I-Station assessments for December, it’s a good time to show them how much they’ve progressed and make a new goal for January. If they have not made progress, then they also need to reflect on specific to take to improve.

Achieve 3000

Now that your students have been assessed and a routine of reading has been established, here are some important things to discuss with your students:

§ It is essential that students understand the importance of using Achieve 3000

§ Once a Lexile level has been determined, the student must read four articles with at least 75% accuracy for the level to increase

§ It is critical that students read each article carefully before answering questions

§ Encourage students to read each question twice before answering

§ Monitor students often to ensure that they stay on task

§ Have students set a SMART goal for themselves and track their data


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We celebrate the GREATNESS in you!!

"Thank you to Mr. Tamarez for allowing me to record his lesson on Monday for a homework assignment that I had to turn in today to Carnegie Learning Academy. The homework was about seeing Math Process Standards in action in a lesson. We observed 5/7! Keep it up!" - Alicia Iwasko

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