Whispering Pines 5th Grade News

Weekly Newsletter April 25-29


We only have 5 weeks left of the school year. As the year comes to a close we have a lot to look forward to.

May 10th- 5th Grade Math STAAR (paper testing)

May 11th- 5th Grade Reading STAAR (online and paper testing)

May 12th- 5th Grade Science STAAR (paper)

May 13th- 5th Grade Math STAAR (online only testing)

May 18th 5th Grade Science STAAR (online only testing)

May 26th- End of the Year 5th Grade Celebration. This will take place from 12:30pm-2pm. An invitation and more information is coming soon!

May 27th - 5th grade clap out. Last Day of School- students will be dismissed at 12pm.

Important things:

  • Please pay the $15 Activity Fee which can be found here.

  • Reusable water bottles (with water only) and earbuds are highly encouraged in the classroom.


  • Math-worksheet over equations and graphing patterns
  • Reading Log

Middle School Course Selection Approval

Course selection has been completed with our incoming 6th grade student. You will receive an email from the district with a unique code to access Naviance and approve your child's plan. We have included instructions on how to reset your passwords Naviance Parent Password Reset and a tutorial for how to approve plans in Naviance can be found here.

You will have the opportunity to make changes to your student’s courses for the upcoming year in April and May during Course verification. Nevertheless, if you would like to update the current plan at this time, or have any questions please reach out to your child's future middle school counselor.

Humble Middle School Counselors

A-DIE: Alicia Narcisse- Alicia.Narcisse@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4081

DIF-LAB: Erin Gutierrez- Erin.Gutierrez@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4086

LAC-RAM: Maria Ingram- maria.ingram@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4047

RAN-Z: Melissa Gomez- mygomez@humbleisd.net, 281-641-4082

Cell Phones

As a reminder cell phones are not allowed to be used during the day. Once a student walks through the doors the phones must be turned off and put in their backpacks until we walk out of the door for dismissal. Students using their cell phone during the day will have it taken up and place with the Assistant Principal or Principal for parents to come and pick up. This includes watches that have text and call ability. Thank you for your help.


We are working to earn our last incentive for the year. This reward will take place on May 26th in the morning.

Each student will have a tracking sheet. Each day they start with 7 points for the day and can lose points at the following times:

  • 1st part of your morning class (1 point)

  • Specials (1 point)

  • 2nd part of your morning class (1 point)

  • 1st part of your afternoon class (1 point)

  • Lunch (1 point)

  • Recess (1 point)

  • 2nd part of your afternoon class (1 point)

They have an opportunity to keep your 7 points per day, which totals 35 points for the week. Their goal is to keep your 161 points by the end of the day on Wednesday, May 25th.

  • If you’ve kept 80% or more of your points (129 points), you will have 1 ½ hours in one of the Reward Rooms.

  • If you’ve kept 79%-75% of your points (121 points), you will have 1 hour in one of the Reward Rooms.

  • If you’ve kept 74%-70% of your points (113 points), you will have 30 minutes in one of the Reward Rooms.

  • If you've kept 69% or lower of your points (111 points or lower), you will spend an 1 ½ in Study Hall to complete learning activities.

This tracking chart will be sent home this week. Please look for it, so you can sign off on it.

Each day MUST include a parent signature. This chart is their ticket into one of the Reward Rooms. If you do not have your chart with a parent signature for each day, you will spend the 1 ½ in Study Hall.

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*Lunch- Our lunch time is 12:40, visitors must RSVP to 281-641-2500 in order to eat lunch with your child in the Commons area at school.

*Communication-Be sure you are connected to your child’s Class Dojo for parent/teacher communication as well as following us on Twitter (@wpepanda and @5thwpe) for updates on what we’re learning.

*We will have a communication log with behaviors sent home daily with your child in their take home folder. Please sign this every Thursday.

*Birthdays- Treats can be bought for the whole class from the cafeteria, or individually wrapped (rice krispie treats/Little Debbie snacks) Cupcake trays are not allowed.

Spirit Day-Wear your WPE or panda shirt or green for our Friday Classroom Spirit contest! Click here to order

Yearbooks-We are very excited to be able to have a yearbook this year! It is going to be AWESOME. Please pre-order your book to get the pre-order price! PRE-ORDER HERE

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