Technology Integration

Philosophy Statement

Never Underestimate the Importance of Leading By Example

By becoming an active member of a class' online learning environment, you are able to show your students the proper way of communicating online in an academic setting. The integration of Google Classroom in the 21st century classroom allows teacher and student to access resources, classmates and teacher outside the classroom walls. However, students must be made aware that behavioral expectations do not change, whether in person or online.

Integration of Google Classroom

Through the integration of Google classroom in the general music classroom, students will learn about important elements of digital citizenship, including communication, law, security and etiquette. The online classroom gives students and teachers an online meeting place where ideas can be exchanged, projects can be collaborated on, and discussions can be held in an open or private forum.

Resources for Students includes an overview of the 9 Elements for Digital Citizenship, in addition to links for further learning. relies on a color-coded system for categorizing content into three user groups: teachers, parents or students themselves!