Hutcheson Jellyfish Weekly News

May 4-8, 2015

Important Dates

Wednesday, May 6: Afternoon trip the the Upper School to see Middle School performance of Peter Pan. First, Second, and Third grades will be attending, and we will be back for dismissal as usual.

Coming up ....

Wednesday, May 13:
Third Grade Field Trip to the Blanton Art Museum
Saturday, May 16: Diversity Dash 5k and Fun Run at the Upper School
Tuesday, May 26: Third Grade EOY Pool Party
Thursday, May 28: Field Day
Friday, May 29: Last Day of School!

Academic Updates:

Math: We are currently continuing to work on a Geometry Unit, including perimeter and area, 3-D shapes, etc. We have been doing a lot of work with Geoboards and rubber bands. We will be doing a few check-ins as we go through the unit, and there will be an assessment next week. Ask your child about:
  • What makes a polygon, a polygon?
  • What makes a quadrilateral, a quadrilateral?
  • What types of shapes are parallelograms? Why?

Word Study: The Vocabulary Workshop Unit 8 assessment will be on Wednesday. All of the required items from the Vocabulary Menu will also be due Wednesday. This is the document that I emailed home as a PDF last week. Ask your child more about the work that she has been doing on her Vocabulary Menu.
This week's words are:

Social Studies: We have started our unit on the U.S. Congress. The students have read the first two chapters, and they are learning to take notes. We are using what we have learned about analyzing non-fiction texts to help us tackle this new unit.
Ask your child what she learned about the House of Representatives today.

Reading and Writing Workshop: Today, we began our unit of study on information writing. The students analyzed some sample student writing and chose topics that they feel they are experts on. Topic include: Benjamin Franklin, sharks, zebras, and soccer!
I will send home another update tomorrow on that we will be doing tomorrow in class and learning about what writers do. Please be on the lookout for that!


Nightly Reading:
  • Readers continue to build their stamina and shape their reading live by reading, logging, and jotting nightly. Readers should be jotting 1 to 2 thoughtful idea each night. Please check in with your child to make sure she is completing he nightly reading assignments.


  • 35 - 40 minutes due Monday, 5/11 (Please check in with your child on this--I had several student not do any last week.)

Word Study:

  • Vocabulary Assessment on Wednesday, May 6
  • Vocabulary Menu due Wednesday, May 6