Wanted: Bus Drivers for Field Trip

May 1, May 14, May 16, May 21, May 23

We need bus drivers to help us with our field trips.

May 1 - 8th grade Field Trip to Dallas to JFK Museum, Spaghetti Warehouse, and the Holocaust Museum - Brandon??? Colt???? Robert Stanley?????

May 14 - 6th Grade Field Trip to Fort Worth, then meet train with kids in McGregor (Ashley, Robert, Peter)

May 16 - 7th Grade Field Trip to Waco to Mammoth Park (Peggy, Ashley, Peter????)

May 21 - Perfect Attendance Reward to Ranger Game: Gary DuLany, Brandon Massingill, Ashley Powers ???? (The game starts at 2:00 p.m.)

May 23 - Paw Power Water Park Trip to Killeen - Peggy, Ashley,


Contact Mrs. Gloff if you are interested!

I will have a sign-up sheet in a yellow folder on the counter in the junior high office. Make sure that you get approval from your supervisor before you sign up. Thanks, mona