Weekly Newsletter

September 16, 2014

This week...

Week 4:

Don't forget it's an early dismissal on Wednesday!

Also, please talk to you student about being prepared for class.

Homework for this week includes:

1. Read their book club book to chapter 10 (to 15 for Eragon and The Hobbit)

2. Study Vocab/Spelling words; which includes the three root words

3. Memorize their "team" portion of the Parts of Speech Rap

Weekend homework includes:

1. New vocab/spelling words

2. Finish book club packet (in their clear baggies)

Test include:

1. Vocab and Spelling test on Friday

For those who are patiently waiting for pictures for block two, I apologize. We haven't had a great time to talk about the Scribe and Photographer yet. However, that is one of my priorities.

As always -- read on book lovers!

Miss Cripps