Women's Circle

please join us - bring your friends!

Intro to the Jewish spiritual tradition known as Mussar

Friday, Oct. 25th 2013 at 5:45-7pm

25 Leroy Avenue

Tarrytown, NY

Become the "extraordinary ordinary person" that you were meant to be ....

Join us as we explore the history and overview of Mussar; learn to draw upon its body of practices that awaken us to our inner soul traits that prevent us from reaching our unique and highest potential. We'll then focus in depth on two ( of the many) Mussar character traits ; Humility or "Anavah" and Honor or "Kavod" .

By the end of the program, you will "come away with new tools that add possibilities to your living more whole and holy, that become integral to who you really are, and can bring about an inner reworking to your soul that is deep and lasting " (says Alan Morinis in "Everyday Holiness"; Founder of the Mussar Institute)

Led by Susan Cember and Susan Kronish Grotenstein.


Please let us know if you will join us!

If you need babysitting, please tell us the names and ages of your children. (914) 631-1770 or info@tba-ny.org