Knowing First Aid

Being able to have the materials to aid injuries


Tweezers are great to have they allow you to pick sterile and unsterile things. Another great purpose of tweezers is if you peirce yourself with a splinter then you can use tweezers to get it out. The biggest things is they prevent infections in the infected area becuase you are using tweezers to treat something instead of your hands or other materials you might have.
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You wrap gauze around medium to large cuts. What the gauze does is it stops the bleeding.


Soap is used for many reasons. You would use soap for treating open cuts and wounds that may occur. Soap would dissinfect the wounded area and clean out all the bacteria that may be lurking in it.

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape is used to keep pressure over wound and to stop the bleeding. Especially if you got a cut in the ocean you would use adhesive tape to wrap the wound. Adhesive tape can be used for many things that can occur.
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