First Grade Rules!

Week of 12/7

This week in first grade...


Both classes have been working very hard on their animal book reports! Earlier this week students picked an animal they wanted to research. We went over the step by step process of gathering information and all sources where the students could look. Students gathered all their facts and then had to create a small creative poster about their animal. The classes did a great job gathering facts and creating creative pieces!

In Math:

We continued with our Chapter 4 unit on subtraction strategies. We will review for the test on Monday and have our Chapter 4 test on Tuesday. (Check below for a fact family game)

In Social Studies/ Science:

We visited the Chester County Historical Society where we learned about the past. We were able to see how students learned in school, what they wore and toys they played with. We had such a good time and were very respectful! We also learned about how to measure weather, different types of clouds and how the water cycle works.

REMINDERS: The pajama drive ends on December 18th. We have 78 pairs of pajamas so far!!!! Thank you for all your donations!

We are still collecting items for Bringing Hope Home. Please send all items down the Mrs. Waxman's room. All money or gift cards can be given to Miss Lauren.

Thank you and have a good weekend!

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Jackson was in the SPOTlight!!!

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We presented our maps!