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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - September 13

Congratulations to the Spangler family!

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'Tis the Season

Oh the weather outside is humid,

And the MAP tests are resum-ed.

But since we've no place to go,

Let us test, let us test, let us test.

(Ok, I thought it was funny.)

We are entering into a season of many assessments. Remember that our goal is to be responsive to student academic needs so that all students meet or exceed expected growth. The baseline prompts, the spelling inventories, PALS, MAP, running records, and so on are each a puzzle piece that, when assembled, give us a clearer view of each of our learners so that we can be responsive. One piece I am excited to share is that we will be sending MAP results home after each session in an effort to engage families in a deeper partnership. Families will hopefully be more prepared to talk with you at conferences in October about the strengths and needs of each student.

Here is the link to the MAP testing spreadsheet. Thanks, everyone - I know these take time, but I can't wait to engage in the conversations they generate about each and every student.

Spirit Days for Homecoming Week

I am putting away my ironing board for the week. (I've shared before that I would love to work in a school with uniforms for the adults that don't need ironing.) Here's what to dig out of your closet for next week:

Monday - SM Rockets day (red/black/white)

Tuesday - Tropical Tuesday (no swimsuits ...)

Wednesday - Hat day and/or "Teachers dress like students" (opposite for students)

Thursday - Lakeview Lions day (blue/white) for the parade

Friday - Color Day:

5K - Green, 1st - Red, 2nd - Blue, 3rd - White,

4th - Black, 5th - Pink, Staff - Multicolor

Please see the PTO update for info about the parade on Thursday.

We might throw in some extra music on the P/A for next week's theme days.


As we begin week 3, don't let up on routines and re-teaching expected behaviors.

Here is our PBIS matrix. Be sure you are using the "Be safe ~ Be respectful ~ Be engaged" language consistently. Reinforce with Golden Lions. Students look for the cracks in our responses as adults, so stay consistent. Consistent doesn't mean tough - it just means consistent. I think the phrase Vistelar used was "Inconsistency is the enemy of peace."


Thank you for putting together your grade-level newsletters. They are in the family newsletter starting today. Going forward, please assume there will always be a Friday newsletter and that you should have your update ready. There are a few weeks throughout the year when I will let you know that an update is not required. I will always place a link to the family newsletter within our staff newsletter so you can read both.

Please note - Always put your newest content at the TOP of your grade-level newsletter so that families see the current information first when they click on your link.


Thank you to Jill, Mary Beth, and Amy for being at the first PTO meeting of the year. PTO debriefed the Color Run and Popsicles on the Playground. A family school directory is being created for those willing to provide info. The PTO thanks Mrs. Brever for her generous birthday bash donation. PTO will be disbursing funds to teachers soon, along with a letter about how to provide receipts.

PTO has a Lakeview float for the Homecoming parade. Ellie Genduso coordinated with Kasia on the float, and Sarah has student council participating. All staff are welcome to join in walking with the float. The parade staging is at 5:15 and the parade starts at 6:00 on Thursday, September 19th.

Grandparent's Day will be on Friday, October 18th.

Teachers - please be sure to sign up for a PTO meeting this year on this sheet.

Short pieces

Link to family newsletter for this week.

Seclusion & Restraint Reporting Guidelines - The special ed staff and I understand the rules and policies about seclusion and restraint. You may not find yourself in this situation, but it is important to me that everyone understand that we have guidelines to follow in these events. Please see me, Maddie, Bronwyn, or Sarah if you have questions.

St. A's letter from Leo Eckman - We are learning more about the role that St. A's will have at Lakeview and the process that leads a student to possibly receiving services. Brianne and I serve as the people coordinating this process, and it will likely follow an enhanced CST process. See either of us if you have questions.

Student Council is up and running! Thank you to Sarah for already coordinating over 100 student leaders!

Our bookroom has nearly 100 new titles added this week. About 60 of those are the former F&P running records titles. Thanks, Rachel, for repurposing those books for our continued use.

Photo opt-out list - There have been some difficulties in PowerSchool with this. You're going to have to be patient with photos. We need to make sure to get this right, and we'll let you know when it's ready.

Math reminder - save all first trimester assessments since we do not have a system to enter them into yet. We will be learning about our new system, EduClimber, in the near future.

Literacy - Congrats to our 1st & 2nd grade teachers for starting phonics. There are many good feelings around this work so far. Remember that running records should be done by the classroom teacher before IEP's and CST's.