Red Panda

Vulnerable- Population is decreasing

The Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) - Overview

The Red Panda has continued controversy all over the world since it was introduced in 1825. The Red Panda is placed with the racoon family, but has it's own separate family called the Ailurinae. It has a family history of connecting to the Bear and Racoon family. The coat of the Red Panda, which is a Reddish Brown color, helps the Panda blend into trees and other wildlife. Currently only 2 of the species still exist, Ailurus fulgens fulgens and A. f. styani .

Ways to help save Red Pandas:

  • Become a Red Panda Network member and enjoy the perks! Membership starts at $25 a year.
  • Adopt a red panda and help us fight deforestation and wildlife crime in eastern Nepal
  • Sponsor a Red Panda Network Forest Guardian so that we can continue our work monitoring and protecting red panda habitat

Fun Facts

  • The Scientific name of the Red Panda means 'fire colored cat', but shares more history and similarities with the bear and raccoons
  • Like the giant panda, the Red panda is based on bamboo for their diet
  • The red panda has a modified wrist bone that acts as a sixth digit or thumb