MOMS Club® Of Buckingham North

February 2015 Minutes for Moms

Message from the President

Well we are slowly getting through the winter...this time of year is that lull between post-holiday fun/chaos and spring. If you are a person who loves winter I'm sure that you were excited about our snow storms at the end of January. If you are like me, you are over winter and can't wait for spring and summer: to put the flip flops on and head out to parks and beaches and enjoy the warm air. Soon enough I tell myself, soon enough. The cabin fever might be starting to set in- it can be challenging to entertain children inside for a long time. We tried to help with that a little and plan some activities on the calendar this month for everyone to get out to. And of course who doesn't love a moms night out to dinner to catch up with friends and enjoy good food?! February is also that time of year to celebrate Valentine's Day and to tell and show the people in your life how much you love them. Even the smallest gesture can mean so much to someone!

Hope everyone has a good month!

February Birthdays- Happy Birthday!


8th-- Heather Krotzer

9th-- Abbe Feledick


13th-- Vincent Richardson

17th-- Ellie and Ava Tweddale

20th-- Gavin Reinert

Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events for this month:

Feb. 3rd: Little Pod 1:30 pm
Feb. 7th: "Tale of Desperaeux" movie at the County Theater in Doylestown
Feb. 9th: Story Hour at Doylestown Bookshop, 10 am
Feb. 13th: Central Bucks Gymnastics Open Gym 10 am
Feb. 18th: Little Pod 10:30 am
Feb. 19th: MNO at Bacco Bistro 6 pm
Feb. 23rd: Members Social at Doylestown Library 10 am
Feb. 27th: Kindergym Open Gym 10 am, High Performance Gymnastics, Chalfont

Past Events

There were a variety of events enjoyed in January. There were story times at the library, ice skating, members social and even a group lunch at Jules Pizza. The big event for this month was the snowman party at Jeannine's house. A great time was had by all and many members came to the event. It was great to see everyone!

New Members

Please welcome Emily to the club! She and her husband Matt have two children: Logan who is 5 and Daphne who is almost 2. Emily works part time as a quality specialist. She was referred to the group by Kari B (thanks Kari) and is interested in joining a playgroup for each of her children. She can be reached at

Welcome Emily!

We are starting the trial this month and the site is up and officially running! We will try it out for 3 months (February, March and April) and then afterwards I will send out an email to get feedback to see how everyone liked it to see if it is something we wish to continue using. It will just take everyone a few minutes to set up a log in and password for themselves, and after that should be very straight-forward to use. I created a group with our club name on "MOMS Club of Buckingham North". All you have to do is go to, create a user name and password, search for "Moms Club of Buckingham North" and click to join. It will send me a message (since I am the Meetup organizer) and I will accept you. You can then go into the page, explore what it has to offer and RSVP to the events that you would like to attend.I loaded all of February's events into the site.

At the beginning of the month when I e-mail the calendar out, I will log into meet-up and put all of the upcoming events in there. This is one advantage to this site- everything is listed in one concise spot so when you log in, all of your events will be listed. It will also show who is attending each event, and you can easily sign up for an event you would like to attend. Another really neat feature is that anyone can create an event! Anyone in the club can log on and create an event to be listed. For example, if Cathy decides on Monday that she is going to go to the park on Tuesday, she logs on and lists an event for the park and anyone can sign up to go with her! There is also a calendar feature you can click on that will show all of the events for that month on a monthly calendar format.

Another great feature? There's an app for it! Who doesn't love the technology we have at our fingertips making life more organized and easy?!

So for the next 3 months there will not be any Evites going out (except for the upcoming Little Pod event on 2/3/15 at 1:30 pm)- meet-up will take the place of the Evites. Please see my email from Jan. 31st with more details about meetup. So please take a few minutes in the next few days to create a user name and password and get yourself all set up with the new site. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions!

Recipe of the month

Feel like you make the same recipes over and over? Want some new ideas? Who doesn't love a new recipe to try?! An idea for the upcoming newsletters is to put a new "recipe of the month" in there to spice up our menus and try something new. But we need your help! If you would like to submit a recipe that you love to be published in an upcoming newsletter please email it to me at Everyone will appreciate your submission!

Sunshine Committee

Our Sunshine Committee is in full swing and our chair is Jeannine Walsh. This committee is in place to help out fellow moms of the club if the need arises, by arranging meals or support from other members. So if you know of a MOMS Club member who is expecting a baby, has a long-term illness, or is in need of meals or support from other members, please contact Jeannine at:

Valentine's Day

Each year I search for something fun to do with the kids for Valentine's Day. My daughter loves crafts, so I came across these craft ideas.Thought I would share if anyone is looking for something fun to make during these long winter days.
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Hosts Needed

If you would like to host a Members Social in your home in the upcoming months please email me at You would pick the day and time that works best for you. We are looking for hosts for March, April and May. Thanks!

MOMS Club 19th Annual Luncheon

This year the 19th annual MOMS Club Conference 4 Luncheon will be held on Saturday April 18th at the Hanover Marriott in Whippany, NJ. Any member of the MOMS Club is welcome to attend. The cost of the event is $51 per person for early registration, $56 for late registration. Early registration is any registration received by March 31st and late registration is any registration received after that date. Registrations will be accepted until April 8th, or until sold out. Please see the e-mail I sent out on January 25th for all of the details and information.

Board Members

Kellie Horvath

VP of Administration:
Leslie McGrady

VP of Membership:
Cathy Patterson

Lisa Menz

Joy McDonough


Primary Coordinator
Cara Borian
249 Atlantic Ave.
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
(610) 927-9129

Secondary Coordinator
Erin Fischer
508 Bentley Court
Exton, PA 19341
(610) 280-0330

Conference Coordinator
Nadine Young

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." - Robert A. Heinlein
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