Gamma Rays

By Candace Carpenter, Michael Jordan, Alvaro Robles

Description of Wave

Gamma-rays are waves with the smallest wavelengths and the highest frequency. They are biologically dangerous, with the greatest amount of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum and passes through most materials. Radioactive materials can emit gamma-rays. They are also produced by supernovas, nuclear explosions, and the destruction of atoms. These rays can kill living cells such as cancer cells.

Everyday Applications

Gamma-rays are used for radiotherapy. The rays can be used to kill living cancer cells without having to resort to a difficult surgery. They can also help remove tumors.

Health Impacts

Negative effects: very large doses of radiation may cause death within a few days or months and causes severe damage to your internal organs.

Positive effects: diagnosing and fighting cancer.

Interesting Article (

The article covers most of the information that we have but it goes a little bit into the history and how it was found. It explains how Gamma-rays are made along with showing what happens whens it interacts with with the atomic nuclei.
NASA | What Are Gamma Rays?


The video goes over how powerful Gamma-rays are. The amount of energy comes in high numbers in the radiation. The only violent event that can cause destruction is a star exploding.