Most Beautiful fonts

Jonathan lee Cox

Name of Font Family and Characteristics of Font Original Use of Font Current Use of Font Image of the Font

· Name of Font: Arial, Georgia,Quikhand

· Font Family: Formal, serif, sans serif

· Characteristics of Font: Arial is Contemporary sans serif design, Arial contains more humanist characteristics than many of its predecessors: Georgia was designed specifically to address the challenges of on-screen display and hand-instructed by leading hinting : Quikhand are commonly used for invitations, announcements, and decorative initial letters and some are even used in different colors

· Original Use of Font: Arial was mostly used in text setting in reports, presentations, magazines etc, and for display use in newspapers, advertising and promotions. Georgia was mostly used for screen display and hand-instructed. Quikhand is a formal fonts used for many displaying photos.

· Current Use of Font: Arial was current used in screen display and hand magazines etc, and for display use in newspapers, and advertising and promotions. Quikhand was current used in in formal. Georgia was mostly used in designing

Image of the Fonts