5 Themes of Austin

by: Blakely Annarino


The theme of movement is defined as how and why people, plants, animals and ideas move through time and space. This picture shows the famous live music festival, South by Southwest, an event which Austin, Texas is very famous for. People from all around the world visit Austin every fall to attend this SXSW, which represents movement because of the temporary relocation of foreign people to our city.


The theme of Location describes the actual place or area where something is using either Absolute location or Relative location. This picture illustrates the location of Austin, Texas by marking the city on a map of the state of Texas.


The theme of Place describes the physical features and cultural characteristics of an area. This picture is an example of the place of Austin, Texas because it shows a bit of the city and what it is like. Austin is a large, busy city and the photo displays a bit of the downtown area where cars are always going past and something is always happening.


The Region of an area is determined by describing an area of the Earth's surface with similar characteristics, usually physical, political, economic, or cultural. The above picture depicts the region of Austin, Texas by showing that it is a part of the Coastal Plains region of Texas.


The Human theme of geography describes the way that the people living in an area interact with their environment. In Austin, new buildings are always being built and new people are always moving into the city to start their independent lives or pursue their careers. In another sense, graffiti is a big way that the citizens of Austin interact with their environment. The above picture shows a very popular piece of street art painted onto the wall of a shop in the downtown city which has become very beloved over the past few years.