EdCamp NKY

Professional Learning Designed by Teachers for Teachers

Join us at Boone County High School on November 9th from 8:30am to noon.

EdCamp is an unconference. There are no presentations, no rules, no powerpoints, no chart paper...just conversations centered around teaching and learning.

Possible topics...

  • Odyssey of the Mind in the classroom
  • Facilitating student debates
  • Robotics' role in STEM instruction
  • Daily 5
  • Number Talks
  • Apps to use in the classroom
  • Springboard: What is it? How does it take learning to the next level?
  • Pre-planning deep questions to use with my instruction
  • K-12 writing. How does it all fit together?
  • STEM
  • MDC and LDC. Tell me more. Tell me why it's important.
  • Data-driven instructional design
  • Understanding the math practice standards
  • Arts and Literacy Integration
  • Giving effective feedback to students to enhance learning
  • Problem Based Learning. Let's get started.
  • ...and so much more.

How do your kids create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically?

We know our kids need to be creating, collaborating, communicating, and thinking critically to be successful in 21st century schools and to be career and college ready.

Let's put our heads together. Share, collaborate, steal ideas. At EdCamp NKY, you can learn from the best teachers in the area and make your classroom a 21st century mecca of learning. :)

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See you on November 9th!