What is a blog? Blog FAQ

By Brendan Gynn, Petar Mojssov, and Taner Sulejmani

Who Can Blog?

Anyone in the entire world can blog, your teacher, your dog, maybe even you grandparents. Its extremely common for anyone to write blogs, a blog does not need to be online it can be in the newspaper or even maybe you write little blogs in your journal.

Why Should Someone Blog?

Well, I personally don't write blogs but usually from what I've seen blogs are used to share experiences and other story's between people online. Some people blog in there free time meanwhile some people blog full time and get paid for what they enjoy.

What Is the Difference Between Writing In A Diary/Journal And Writing A Blog?

Well, to get this out quickly it is basically a diary/journal but online where you can (Nowadays) get to it by the tap of a button. It is a very fun thing to do from what I've seen and I kinda want to try it out.

What Is A Vlog?

After learning about blogs I found something called Vlogs. Vlogs are Video Blogs that are mostly posted on Youtube.com a video website that has over 1 billion visitors.
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After writing all of this In my opinion I prefer Vlogs. They are a lot more interactive and you can watch them daily. They are worth the ten minutes of watching and keep you enterained. Whats your opinion?