Time line for scientist

Lisa castillo

Abraham Ortelius 1527-1598

In the 1960's Abraham was a map and book dealer. Witched helped us look for countrys or on getting and idea how continents were laid out. The the book helped us lear our different languages .

" Abraham-Ortelius.com "

James Hutton 1726-1797

In the 1760's he believed that the earth was permanently being formed by layers of rocks and sand stones at siccar. Witch he went into the sedmentary rocks and saw evidence of substance of fire and heat. This was helping us understanding the procces such as erosion and sedmentar in presents day. " James Hutton is also known as the founder of modern geology.


Alfred Wegener 1880-1930

In 1912 was that's the continents had once been joined, and our time and drifted apart because there were some fossils of the same speaceas found in different locations all over the world . This caused him to lay out the foundation for the other scientists that's found him. Alfred Wegener was a meteorology ( a scientist who studies weather) before he became a geologists.


Harry Hess 1906-1969

In the 1960's the founding father of the undefined theory of the plate tectonics. He also said " that the continent plates put together look like a puzzle ". He also helped others prove his theory since he was the founding father. Robert diets expanded Hess theory.


Dan Mckenzie 1828-1844

In the late 1970's his hypothesis was continental drift and the era floor spreading . He said the continents were all once together in a super-continetial called Pangea . He was the first man who published a first paper on plate tectonics.